OpenHarmony Docker Image

OpenHarmony Docker Image

Docker Image

This document provides guidance on building the Docker image for mini- and small-system devices.

The Docker image of OpenHarmony is hosted on HUAWEI Cloud SWR. Using the Docker image will help simplify environment configurations needed for the building. The following table lists container-based options needed for building in the standalone Docker environment.

Docker Image Repository Tag Description 1.0.0 The OpenHarmony build environment has been pre-installed.


After downloading the OpenHarmony code, perform the steps below to access the Docker environment.

  1. Obtain the Docker image.
    docker pull
  2. Go to the root directory of OpenHarmony code and run the following command to access the Docker build environment:
    docker run -it -v $(pwd):/home/openharmony
  3. Run the following script to start building for different platforms.
    hb set # Press the Up or Down key to select the platform to build on, then press Enter.
    hb build -f # Start building.